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Nokia Pakistan Achieves 1 Million Fans But losses its Market Share!

Nokia Pakistan has been spending a lot of money on online Advertising for over a year now.
They have used both facebook advertisements and Google Adwords in order to achieve the set target of 1 million Facebook fans.
Recently I attended a social media convention where a brand manager of a leading bank asked a question, Are the fans customers? Upon which she was told no.
In case of Nokia we can say that most of them are that persons who has actually once owned a Nokia mobile.
Nokia has badly lost its market share in this one year of time, Instead of keeping an eye on the local market trends and moves of other Mobile Companies in Pakistan, they tried to sell phone through heavy branding which badly failed. Nokia which was once considered as a prestige to own among the young, Now is only considered as a cause of embarrassment.
Majority Revolves around Iphone,Samsung,HTC,Blackberry and now even Q-mobile.

In 2011 the following chart appeared on a leading Pakistani website Pro Pakistani.
The chart shows that nokia has 74% share in Pakistani market. Which seems kind of leget.As we all used to own a Nokia handset once. But since the launch of Smartphone’s the things kept on changing.
Blackberry,HTC,Samsung and Iphone are the main market holders in Pakistan.

In January 2012 this chart appeared on another website itsmyview, Which shows Nokia share dropping from 74 to 40%
Q-Mobile and other local companies also gave a tough competition to Nokia. The current market share of Nokia is unkown but It can be assumed that Nokia Now has just 20% Of Market share in Pakistan.
So we can easily conclude that Facebook Fans has got nothing to do with increasing market share.
One need to work on a proper marketing mix in order to lead the market, spending to much on Digital Marketing may increase your brand awareness but it won’t make you the market leader.
I am not anti Nokia ,Nor have I charged any competitor  to write this, It’s just my personal view.

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