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Importance of Facebook Brand Development in Pakistan

A well developed Facebook Page

No matter what your business includes in, either an employment or product, it is a tremendous idea to have an established facebook page.In Pakistan just over a span of one year, we have seen a huge movement towards the trend of Brands/Businesses creating a facebook page. Why is it so important to have a facebook fan page? Well, I'd advise you to give more preference to managing your facebook fan page rather than your twitter account,The simple reason for that is ,you can link your facebook and twitter, As you post on facebook your twitter will also be updated in line.Facebook is the largest social network in the whole wide world! As the internet becomes more gregarious and facebook develops into the largest portal on the web, you obviously want your business to have a presence.

Interaction and direct feedback from the Fans

With time to time I have worked with many small and large scale business facebook brand development. From local Tailor to Fashion Designer pushing product and branding though fan page. The plan of action according to me is establishing a firm foundation and then make your fans do your work. The main idea of having a facebook fan page is to have better communication with the customers. In this modern era, social media plays a vital role. Organizations throughout Pakistan are putting more and more initiatives into the web and social media (Facebook Ads, etc.)
    An online fan page can improve the relation of  the company with their existing customers. Also it has more likelihood of attracting new customers. Who are actually wondering why they should trust your company and if it is safe to do an online dealing ( If you are an E-retailer.) Not to be forgotten, E-commerce grows perennially. But as E-commerce grows, so does online swindling and the users are becoming more and more uninterested. So the foremost requirement is that you have to work on daily basis to make each customer feel that it is safe to purchase from your website. Portals such as facebook and twitter allow you for this as they know that if ever, you, mess up they can go right to those portals and disclose it to the world.

Daily updating of Page in Order to gain trust of New customers, encouraging them to order online

Once your have created your facebook page, it can absolutely be one of your top resources for communication and transactions. The fundamental to your facebook page taking off is LETTING YOUR FANS AND FRIENDS DO THE WORK FOR YOU AND BEING ACTIVE ON A DAILY BASIS'' promoting transactions, latest updates, special and whatever you can do to engage the users and keep brand enlightenment on a daily routine.

Facebook Fan Page Url

For search engine optimization reasons, your fan page can be a big factor in the search engine results page as you can rank really well for your company's reputation management reasons. Make sure you have a vanity URL to go along with your online facebook fan page, E.g: This can play an important role if you are trying to push a site out of ranking for any particular reason as this one page can line up well with facebook's authority with google.

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