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Flashback Of Ten Years Journey Of Facebook

The most legendary social media platform amongst many others, Facebook celebrated its tenth birthday recently. This firm that was initially referred as the new kid on block made its development so rapidly and unbelievingly with absolutely astounding results. This once small company is now declared as one of the matured companies by Silicon Valley Standards. 
Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook was absolutely oblivious ten years ago that today Facebook would be celebrating the enormous achievement of 1.2billion monthly active users. This social media network has also generated large revenues for the businessmen and has taken the scope of digital media marketing to the next level. Facebook generated the revenues of $ 9.5 billion according to the statistics of 2013 followed my escalating new developments on a daily basis.
To recall and make the anniversary worth remembering let’s take a brief flash back over the accomplishments and milestones that facebook has achieved in these previous ten years. Besides the birth of facebook along with the initiation of the Graph search and the declaration last week of paper a lot of developments have been made which are enlightened as follows.

2004: In February 4th 2004 Facebook was launched and its September the groups section was introduced
2006: In the month of September this year Facebook’s news feed was initiated
2007: Facebook’s advertising platform was launched along with the pages released
2008: The availability of facebook login occurred 
2011: Facebook’s Timeline was introduced

Facebook has diversified a lot ever since its creation for the user’s sheer convenience and entertainment at the same time. It has played a crucial role in the evolution of the businesses on the cyber world and has created an intense direct bond between the consumers and the companies online. Through facebook it has become much easier for the brands and companies how to grasp the attention of the customers and find to find out what exactly a customer is looking for in a particular brand.

Facebook has connected the families living in overseas and has also made the interaction of the users with their favorite celebrities and brands easier. Hopefully this is just the beginning and facebook keeps innovating and beating up its competitors via its vast developmental strategies on so many various levels in the future as well

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