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Meeting you was not luck,it was choice,feeling for you was not a choice it was my bad luck.

Though I am not a "Devdas" or say a love bird,But Yes I am a human and I too can have feeling for people.

For the past couple of years I used to look at people falling in love and use to assume how stupid they are,As some one sad,Once you fall in love you will know what it feels like and I was like yeah yeah I dont have time for this crap.

The reason why I am Sparing out my precious time for this shitty post is because “Love exists” And now I do admit it does.

Its not about the days, months or years spend together. But its about the comfort you get being with the other person.It doesn’t matter how well things go and where they lead you.Due to certain issues I had to let her go as love is setting other person free not forcing to be each others.

Where everI will be,When ever I will feel a need to smile,Ill think of the moments spent together.Or maybe maybe I find someone better and fall in this shitty shit again :)

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