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HELLO I'M HUSNAIN MINAWALA|WELCOME TO MY BLOG|Tech is my interest, lifestyle is my dedication and travel is my plan. |I'blog about all three as I look out at the Dubai skyline.

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New Year,New Life here I am,My Dubai !

New year is just around the corner and everyone is hoping to have a better year ahead and so am I.

I started my career 3 years back by managing digital media accounts and then decided to set up a digital media agency. Currently having staff of  15+ dedicated workers and it  wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't my destiny pushing me towards success.

Since  childhood I used to set goals and worked hard towards achieving them regardless of the nature of the set targets. By the grace of Allah I have achieved almost all of them. Someday I do ponder if the goals I have set for myself are too easy for me to achieve them but then I think maybe Allah has planned something better for me? And so I stopped setting goals…

Just when I stopped making lists , setting goals, fulfilling targets , the next thing I knew I was in Dubai. The city, where people are too busy to take out time for themselves and where time is valued. A place with lots of eateries and entertainment stuff.

You guys must be wondering it’s a new year ahead in a new country but.. Why am I  calling it a new life??

Well it’s a new life for me as I will be doing the same things I did since the starting  of my career but in a new country !

Digital Media Marketing
Being the Co founder of one of the most popular digital media agency in Pakistan; and having a clientele of over 100+ in Pakistan, It will be a fresh new start in UAE so lots of energy would be needed for that. A new start with a new Marketing Agency in UAE

My other interest also lies in leading one of the most popular event blog in Pakistan.  have successfully covered around 1200 events during the period of 3 years.
I will be continuing with the passion of blogging on my personal blog
I will be blogging about each and everything related to Dubai .Psst.I love food so stick around you will be seeing lots of food related posts soon.

Being a socialite in Pakistan is something that I simply loved. Getting tons of invites from Fashion Weeks to conferences, seminars and what not. Being surrounded by some of my best and trust worthy people was the best part. Late night hangouts will be something that I will seriously be missing.
Although Dubai is full of people who are ready and always willing to socialize but what matters is if you’re looking forward to chill or looking for someone to count on, This can be tricky as its always difficult finding right kind of people.

Thank God I have Few friends in Dubai or else it will be all bad....

What Ill be looking for in Dubai:
-A Studio to live
-Driving Licenses
-Buying a ride.
-A girl friend :D

What I'll be Missing here :
-Food ( Home Made)
-Friends (Danish,Atiq,Kashif,Waqas,Ahsan,Sheeraz,Arooj,Nighat,Nasar,Minhas and Ambar)

Perks of Being Here :
-Wide range of Food
-Earning in Dirham
-International Experience  
-Enough time for blogging 
-Multiculturalism (Could be bad at times)

So overall advantages over weight,That's the reason why I am here.

I hope this year turns out to be fruitful for me. I don't expect a lot. Its just that I want to acquire the same status and life style that i had my home country..

Happy New Year Folks.

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