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PIA flys from Isb to Khi without Ac.

Recently I came across a post of stale food being served by Pakistan International Airline.The post later on went viral on social media.
But I seriously don't get the reason for such a fuss being created,Like come one its just a small thing.We have bigger issues with PIA.

On 23rd of April I traveled from Islamabad to Karachi Via PIA flight.
To be surprised the boarding was done on time being in my nature I prefer going inside the plan at the very end moment.As I stepped inside it was smelly. People were sweaty and there was merely any room to breath.It was told by the air hostess that Ac will be switched on once the plan fly's.Which was convincing enough,But it turned out to be the darkest lie,Once the plan flew and ac didn't turned on people started complaining with panic but least attention was given and air hostess just ignored the harsh and rude comments made by the people.

When the flight landed it's engine was switched off immediately and it was all blackout inside.Plus there was no oxygen to breath. As soon as the door's were opened every one rushed out as if they have been saved from death.

I will like to inform the lady who received stale food to be patient.You have experienced nothing compared to what me along with the fellow passengers did.

PS. I loved the Rice and Chicken which was served during the flight.It was delicious.

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  1. Dude, sorry to read about your experience. I hope you lodged a formal complaint ? If not, please do. They as an organization have to take it seriously, if they don't then you know, you did your portion of the work which was to give feedback to people directly responsible for giving you a poor flight experience. Unlike food, its not as if you can return it or get off the plane in mid air!