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Is "She" free or caged ?

How would it feel if you trap a free bird inside a cage?

It wouldn't feel right? Isn't it.

Well it is often believed that in our society women are given freedom to a great extent ,but trust me its all a big lie.No matter how bold she might act or how independent she may seem. The truth is that she is spending her life inside an invisible cage.A cage which can only be seen by her. 

I was flying from Karachi to Dubai.A lady sitting next to me, Mishal who recently got married.As the flight was about to take off, I closed my eyes and got prepared to take a nap.
Within A min she said "You intend to sleep during the flight'? I replied yes I am sleepy and have to go for a meeting. With a sweet tone she said " I won't let you sleep.
For the next 3 hours I was just listening to her life story and was nodding my head.Upon which she said "You have similar habits as of my hubby' I said how?
She:He also nods his head when I am speaking.

Apparently Mishal got married 3 months back and was moving to Dubai on a residence visa since her husband is well settled in Dubai.

She explained while reminiscing her childhood that her parents always used to say to her that she could achieve all her dreams after marriage. But when she got married she got to know that it was not possible. She loves her husband, and he loves her back but her in-laws are evil, they didn't care about her or her husband, all they cared about was how much her husband was earning.

" Remember marry the person you love,And never marry in relatives "

Having high hopes of happiness she and her husband planned to live in Dubai.

She said: I am weak,I can't survive this world.I am lucky I found the man who supports me.

When we entered Dubai airport she made me meet her husband, And her husband after thanking me said "I apologize,I know she is a brain eating disease" 

Another similar incident took place,
It was the mid of weekend night, I had nothing better to do,I headed to a Cafe,
I saw a lady sitting with a confusing nationally I assumed she was Moroccan,She was giving me an attractive gaze along with a flirty smile, and it made me think what she wants from me?After a while I walked near her and spoke to her. I was much surprised how bold,confident and easy going she was.We started off with a conversation and as we kept on going she got comfortable and disclosed her deepest experiences of life

"N" who was born and brought up in Lahore.Later on moved to Karachi & is a fashion model.Now she has a totally messed up life.I asked her is that because she chose modeling as a career? She replied in start it was,Once I started giving gifts/money to my family they all started valuing and respecting me even more.

"I may look like a free bird, But trust me I am a trapped inside an invisible cage"

I questioned her that what bought her here? She replied she was in love with a politician (Can't disclose name) wanted to marry him but her parents refused. Now she is living here to escape from all the past memories.

Our conversation turned out to be hours long and the best part of it was the extent to which she was comfortable with me.

"I am pretty, I am rich but I have a meaningless life" 

I asked her, how can she be this confident and share everything with me? 

"I have spent my life meeting people, I don't trust you, but I trust the honesty I see in your eyes'

According to her, women are incomplete without the right men, if you love some one don't let them go at any cost or else you will end up living a similar life as mine.

Having an endless conversation of 5 hours.We said good bye as the cafe was closing down.She gave me her number and said      " You are a gem of a guy, I don't want you to go, but I can't make you stay" 

If you ever love someone, don't let them go!

This experience clearly summed up,That no matter how successful or independent a lady gets, she will always be needing the Mr Right or else she won't be happy with her life, She may seem or she may pretend but she knows that she needs some one to take her out of that invisible cage.

Sketch by : Rida Hussain

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