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Filli – Tea n Talk  

Loneliness- it’s an emotion which grips you so tightly that you are barely able to feel anything else. That’s what loneliness does, it makes you feel numb. It’s an emotion that one cannot control. There are number of ways that loneliness tends to creep into your emotions. One of which is living alone in a foreign country, away from your friends and family. It’s true that one get fully involved in daily routine, working from dawn till dusk. But then, once you are done with work...that’s when you feel the loneliness lurking in the shadows. Ready to pounce. The day hours are quite bearable, however it’s the dusk that bothers me. I constantly find myself asking this question: What now? Where to go?
Abroad, the social circle is smaller than in your hometown. You discover major constraints of having limited friends; they are also preoccupied in their own worries. They too have shifted their whole life away from home. Their story is the same as mine. Dubai has definitely begun to lose its shine around the edges. Although it’s a city full of malls, beaches and entertainment, but it doesn’t feel entertaining when you’re alone. Well not to a great extent, it was just till a period of a month when malls were actually entertaining, after that it got boring.
Then, out of the darkness, I found a place to relax. It’s called the Filli Café. It has a bunch of branches all over UAE and is considered the best TEA in UAE. I personally am a fan of its saffron tea. My day is not complete without a cup with its sweet aroma. Not only does it have the most amazing tea in the country, it also serves extremely delicious food, followed by burgers sandwiches.
As I sit n Filli, I feel a sense of calm. Its environment is a soothing balm over my nerves. In the cold winter, a cup of tea is all you need as the people around you chit chat. One great thing about this café is that if you have an empty chair at your table, they ask to join you. They try to have a conversation instead of walking away with the empty chair.
Filli Al Mankhool is the busiest branch of its franchise (according to my observation). It’s always flooded with people. I love the cats there as well. They are extremely friendly and you can just pet them without the worry of getting scratched. Unless you’re not a cat lover :P
So, if you are new in dubai or just looking for a place to relax, Filli is the place for you :)

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