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3 Tips to Plan Your Content Marketing Strategy

Almost everyone in the realm of digital media is aware of content marketing and its effects. Content is the most vital organ of an effective digital marketing plan for any media expert worth its salt. One can easily come up with hundreds of ideas but putting it into words and executing it is a whole different ball game. This is why planning one’s content marketing strategy is crucial. It can bring your brand to the forefront of a user’s attention.

Developing a framework for content marketing has become a common practice in Pakistan. However, the framework has plenty of room for improvement.

Narrow Down Your Content Plan

Your target market will be more interested in your content if its focus is more concise. Your content shouldn’t cover every type of topic that exists. This would cause your brand’s vision to be pointless and unappealing. Stick to niche topics which pinpoint to the interest of your audience. They should feel that a particular message is solely for their benefit. Content is one way to give a personalized customer experience. Look at where your firm has the most subject matter expertise, where your firm is best positioned for growth, and where your firm wants to grow. This would provide your brand a multitude of focused content which can include specific topics, questions, case studies, data and analysis.

Make a Record of Previous Content Plans

One issue that comes up within content development is the lack of documentation. Strategy relies heavily on content and its records can help improve a brand’s entire strategy plan. Being able to analyze which aspect of content worked more in previous campaigns would help in evolving even better content plans. Marketers who have a documented strategy are more effective and less challenged with every aspect of content marketing when compared with their peers who only have a verbal strategy or no strategy at all.

Repurpose Your Content Plans

To get more mileage out of your content marketing efforts, the best way is to re-purpose your content. It is essential to adapt your content according to a particular digital platform on which it will be uploaded (not just social media platforms!). As part of the content planning process, you’ll want to identify all the various ways that a larger piece of content can be restructured into not just various social media posts, but also into blog articles, emails, and other various content concepts. It is crucial to plan your re-purposed content way ahead of time. Do it when you initially plan your content! It will likely cause you to approach the content creation process differently which will lead to a better and more efficient outcome.  

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