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3 Ways to Retarget Message to Your Blog Audience

1. Rephrase the content. But don’t change your context:

The context of your message is vital to your brand/company value. It helps resonate with your audience far deeper than just content. In order to drive traffic to your website, your message can be creatively rephrased to deliver content which has the same context behind it. Imagine your target audience browsing through your blog and finds e.g. a food recipe. Your audience liked it, commented and shared it with others. After a few days, you posted about car engines; however it didn’t get the same response as your food post.
That’s where you went wrong.
Your blog post may have been well put together content-wise, but the context of your blog is what’s important. Your message about food was more relevant to your audience than about cars. Talk more about food, perhaps a restaurant review or a dinner party at a friend’s place. Keep the context relevant to your audience to build your audience.

2.       2. It’s all about location:
Make your content relevant to your audience according to their location. Your audience living in an area such as Defence will be keener to read about topics which are relatable to their lifestyle or about nearby watering holes. Discover where your audience prefers browsing and place your message accordingly. Engagement at this point is most helpful. Speak to your audience, listen to what they are saying; find out where they are looking for at the moment in order to get their attention. If your audience is out with friends and it’s looking for a restaurant on Zam Zama to chill, build your message around that location. They would be interested to know about a Zam Zama restaurant review rather than about reviews of a café on Tariq Road right?
This is why retargeting your message needs to be specific to your audience’s location. It needs to pinpoint to their necessities and interests which is compatible with their lifestyle or dwelling.

3.       3. Environment helps retarget effectively:
The most important and the most ever-changing, is a person’s environment. In this fast paced life, a person’s environment can go from formal meeting with executives to causal lunch with work friends in minutes. Environment is highly based on mood which makes your message retargeting quite challenging. If you do it right, your message can become exclusive. It can be next level of personalized customer experience. Build your message which engages with your target market’s mood and attitude. Your message would not be shared if one is looking to impress their boss by looking for a posh restaurant and your message about a burger joint pops up. It would be discarded and forgotten. Perhaps you would even lose your audience for showing something that wasn’t relevant at the time.

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