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3 Tools to Improve Your Content Marketing

With the onslaught of competitors developing more and more unique content marketing strategies, it’s leaving small and medium-sized businesses in the dust. As more creative copies and visually appealing ads are displayed online, more and more brands are facing redundancy in their campaigns because someone has already done it. Content, in general, is time-consuming work and managing it is even harder. To enable a means to reach the target audience during the peak hours, the following tools can help build a content plan faster with more effective reach and interaction with your audience:


On its website, BuzzSumo describes itself as a: "platform for content marketing and SEO agencies to discover engaging content and outreach opportunities"

It provides content trends, likes and shares including analytical data for to understand which online platforms, startups, influencers and inbound marketing strategies are getting the most engagement/conversion rates. 

The way the website works is that once you type in a topic of interest for example, 'big data' it would scan all the keywords and meta-descriptions all search engines and provide a ranked list of related topics that are being searched.
The BuzzSumo search bar

Ranked list of trending topics based on influencers and content marketing
This one excellent way to help title your content according to particular keywords that your target audience is searching for. It is also a way to discover where one should advertise their brand/product/service based on reliable reach and engagement.

It’s a great tool and the first five searches are free, so test it out and see how much you can learn from this invaluable content creation tool.


On its website it says: "With our powerful, easy to use, integrated set of applications, bussiness can attract, engage and delight customers by delivering inbound experiences that are relevant, helpful and personalized."

HubSpot is the perhaps the biggest software enabler for inbound-marketing platforms. From incredible analytical data metrics, amplified blog post generation and reach, effective landing pages and its management to advanced initiatives for content-marketing campaigns has made HubSpot a higly influential tool.
HubSpot tools and services

It's quite a helpful online tool for those who new in game of digital marketing. They have an extensive blog posts which has great guidelines for what is inbound marketing and how it can help your business. It's definitely worth giving it a try.


For most influencers, entrepreneurs and start-up, Twitter is a content marketing hub. It's a great platform to connect and share content quickly and effectively. That's where Round team comes in.

On it website, Round Team "offers a time-saving solution to engage with the Twitter community by discovering and sharing relevant content. They bring quality content to your followers, which eliminates spam and enables you to grow your presence on Twitter."

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