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Good Design Is Good Business

Do you have a small business with a crappy corporate identity and communication design? That’s just bankruptcy waiting to happen.

With the whole world filling up with creative communication every Nano-byte per second, you are losing a customer. This is because you don’t think that good communication design is worth your capital. It is a general misconception in the world of small businesses – "When financial times get tough, the creative budget is one of the first things cut". This is understandable since resources are limited, but I would urge those with a start-up or small business, don’t compromise on a good corporate identity and an effective communication design.

Here’s why:

First Impression Is the Last Impression

It’s a cliché but it rings of truth. Let’s face it straightforwardly: you only have one chance to make the first impression. Similarly, you only have one good design to make the first business impression. The world is moving fast, there isn’t much time to absorb information let alone read your business’s manifesto. As the years go by, the world is getting more visual and studies have indicated that visual content is more readily absorbed than text-based content.

Some visual content stats I found are as follows:

  1. 94% more total views on average are attracted by content containing compelling images than content without images.
  2. 67% of consumers consider clear, detailed images to be very important and carry even more weight than the product information, full description, and customer ratings.
  3. 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business whose images appear in local search results.

With such benefits of visual content, imagine the impact on your business if you have a high-quality website to direct to your clients/customers. Or a well-planned logo on your business cards. Or a visually appealing e-mail signature for your daily e-mails to thousands and thousands of people in your networking circle.

No matter how great a product or service, with poor design, it’s unlikely anyone will stick around the company’s website or keep its email long enough to find out.

Brand Storytelling Starts With Design

You may shrug off this point with a “Pffft….what does design have to do with storytelling?” and I would like to tell you that design has everything to do with your brand’s story.

Potential customers are very reflective as to how a brand looks or feels like. "Thoughtful design evokes the right brand image in the customer’s minds". When they see the logo of a school, it needs to form an image of nurturing yet flourishing environment. When they see a poster for concert, viewers/fans need to feel the musical vibe emanating from the poster itself. 

Great Design Gives Excellent ROI

Even if a small business has a good website, it would be even better to have a greater website. This is because it gives excellent conversion rates.

That’s the power of effective communication design: it has the ability to persuade people to click on your website. It entices the customer to take a look at what your brand has to offer. A smartly designed website can direct visitors to take action, like clicking a “buy” button for instance. A well-crafted pamphlet compels readers to keep turning pages. Professional graphic design has the potential to deliver measurable results for a small business.

Granted, good design does not have a vast short-term benefit. However, the long-term investment is astronomical! It definitely has the potential to take your small business to new heights. To heights where your customer is waiting to buy your product or service. 

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