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Not Satisfied With Your Current Salon? JY The Style Studio Is The Next Big Thing!

Karachi is the most densely populated city of Pakistan. It’s not just known as the ‘city of lights’, it’s a popular hub for style, fashion and glamour. However, when it came to self-grooming (for men), only a few good salons provided excellent service such as Toni & Guy, Nabilas, Rashid or Zaras.

Recently, I went to Karachi for Eid celebration. A friend of mine recommended a newly opened salon on Bukhari commercial. At first I hesitated. I was not willing to experiment in terms of grooming since I prefer places that I’ve already been to and I know that they will provide good service. On Eid especially, I did not feel like taking the risk. But my friend insisted and so I went to the new place for a haircut and beard trimming. It was the best pleasant surprise I’ve ever had!

My friend had accompanied me to the salon and as we stepped in, the ambience definitely made a good first impression. The whole environment gave a comfy and relaxed appeal. As if you were entering a 5 star hotel lobby rather than a salon reception. We were asked if we had an appointment which we didn’t. They politely requested to wait at the lounge till a chair was open for service. As we waited, we were served a glass of water and asked if would like something to drink. I was truly impressed! The ambience of the place was so soothing; I completely forgot that I was sitting in a salon.  

In terms of service, the was extremely professional and well-trained. I was very satisfied by the suggestions made by the hair stylist and his expert hands snipped away all my hair and sculpted it into perfection. It took around one hour for the entire grooming service and ta-da! I was totally transformed. Check out the pictures below:

I will definitely visit the salon again in my next visit to Karachi. It’s truly worth visiting to get the luxury experience with a line of grooming experts ready to transform you! If they keep their service consistently amazing, it can become the next big high-end salon of Karachi!

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