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Why Should Every Entrepreneur Have a Blogging Platform?

Every entrepreneur assumes that they don’t have time to blog/write/reflect on their work or ideas. You’re wrong.

Here’s why:

As a blogger myself, I reflected on key benefits that I gained from writing and reflecting back on my ideas. Blogging helped me develop my thoughts, recruit people who relate with my vision, builds an audience, gives me insights on my designated industry and most importantly, it teaches me about entrepreneurship.

Let me elaborate these key points further:

Blogging Develops Your Thought Process

Writing doesn't just communicate ideas; it generates them.
—Paul Graham

A daily blog post forces you to look back on your thought process with a clearer mind. Think of blogging as a digital notepad where you write your thoughts or ideas down. At first they are all scattered, nothing makes sense except to you. With blogging, you take it a step further, you sit down and organize all your clutter thoughts and put it in a legible format. In other words, Blogging helps you develop a state of mind that makes you more perceptive. Even better, it helps your generate more ideas!

Blogging Helps You Expand Your Vision

When you have to write your ideas out in complete sentences, it forces a deeper clarity of thinking.
Jeff Bezos

Every heard of the elevator pitch? Imagine a scenario where you have to give a pitch to a potential client in an elevator. You have mere seconds to sell him your idea and it has to make an impact. Not only is that a very nerve-wracking experience but it’s also how the world of entrepreneurs work. You HAVE to develop your idea to perfection. But then, how will you do that if you don’t write on a regular basis? You would not be able to formulate your idea quickly enough and everything would just sound gibberish. That’s where blogging comes in. It’s a way to shape your vision into complete sentences. It forces a deeper clarity of thinking and provides an impact-ful elevator pitch to boot!

Blogging Helps You Build An Audience

We're trying to build an audience through our writings; we're not just trying to have customers.
David Heinemeier Hansson

It’s not easy for entrepreneurs to get their brand noticed when big brands are gobbling up all the media and social platforms. Blogging is the best way to reach your audience very quickly. It is a way to build up your audience with posts which are relevant to your brand and subsequently, to your consumers. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and nothing comes for free. However, there are well-designed, user-friendly and cost-free blogging websites out there which can be set up in no time and voila! All you need to do is start writing and spread the word.

Blogging Gives Industry Insights

When I hit publish, I get a rush. Every time. Just like the first time. It is incredibly powerful.
—Fred Wilson

Not only can you reach your target audience with blogging, but you can also meet industry experts. Networking is crucial for an entrepreneur. Your brand needs to be exposed to people who have been in the industry for a longer period of time. Imagine an event where all the industry experts have come together and you get an invite. You have your business cards and your creative pitch ready. However, an expert asks for your opinion on a question and you don’t know the answer! Other than everything about you and your brand, you don’t have industry insights; you don’t know what’s going on with other players in your field. That’s where blogging saves you. As you blog regularly, not only would you be able to answer with industry insights, you can also tell him that you have a blog where he can read about more industry insights!

Blogging Teaches You About Entrepreneurship

Writing is more a medium of self-discipline than a way to communicate information.
Andy Grove, Intel

Blogging can teach you about other entrepreneurs and their struggles and habits. It can enable you to form habits which are crucial for a business owner such as:
  1. To have a focus on small gains
  2. To value simplicity
  3. To take consistent, deliberate actions

These are all useful habits for entrepreneurs. There are less obvious connections between writing and business activities, too. Acquiring readers, for instance, isn't all that different from acquiring customers. But it requires making connections and building relationships over time.

Still don’t believe me? Then this blogging tip is enough to convince you: Blogging is accessible to everyone.

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