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10 Skills Every Social Media Manager Should Have!

There are many misconceptions around a social media manager's job description in Pakistan. Many companies are under the impression that social media marketers just monitor Facebook 24/7 and upload catchy social posts on a regular basis. Simple. It's quite hard to explain that there is a lot of hard work behind building that single post.

Many social media managers are hired on their personal klout score which is a great attribute but not enough. There are certain skills that hiring managers are looking for which are listed down as follows:

1. Community Management:

For a social media manager, top aim is brand advocacy on social networks. It's the art of community of management which builds and creates advocacy for clients for their social platforms. This is done by developing a social persona and actively interacting and engaging with online communities in order to gain potential customers.

2. Strategic Analysis & Reporting:

The skill to critically analyse social posts/tweets/content is crucial for a social media manager. Even if there is a resource available for the analysis and reporting aspect, it still comes under the domain of a social media team. It requires collaboration and understanding of what type of content is working and what isn't. In the Big Data age, clients value numbers, analysis and data, not the content itself.

3. Social Content Planning:

As digital media has evolved, there are many tools and metrics which can help regulate content. However, it's the social media manager who is the brains behind the content development and planning. The first step has to be taken by the social team. The best way to create content is through brainstorming and research. If there is only a single resource available, it's even more important to brainstorm. Refine the content according to each brand's core values and tonality.

4. Project Collaborator:

A social media manager is above all, manages. There are multiple elements involved such as social campaigns, digital PR, content marketing and strategic direction and so on. Various teams work on all aspects of digital media which is directed to the social team to execute. Unless one doesn't have all the material, an idea can fall flat. Hence it is vital for social media manager to be able to collaborate with other teams to lead the project to success.

5. Visual Production:

Let's be blunt, the days of being an expert in one single aspect is not enough anymore, especially for a social media manager. Initially, knowing how to build a strategy and pitching it was not enough, a social media manager has to have a hands-on expertise on graphic designing and visual presentations as well.

6. Prioritizing Your Strategy:

For a social media manager, time management comes with the territory. Subsequently, prioritization of any on-going projects needs to be planned and managed at all times. Key focal areas for your clients need to be at hand on a daily basis so that there isn't chaos or miscommunication of any important details. It is necessary to keep a To Do List for maximum productivity.

7. Excellent Listening Skills:

It's true that social teams have incredible social skills which includes engaging, interacting and networking. That's great but a social media manager has to have excellent listening capabilities. Feedback requires the ability to listen, absorb and implement. Not only to coworkers but also to potential clients and online users.

8. Capable of Receiving Negative Feedback:

In addition to listening, a social media manager has to have a really thick skin to fend off all the negative, irrelevant and unproductive feedback. It's important to appreciate positive criticism but digital media has a LOT of haters who don't think twice before they give their 'honest' opinions. In this case, it's best to just move forward and remain calm.

9. Think Positive:

There's nothing worse than letting politics and double standards get in the way of productivity. At the end of the day, your work counts, nothing else. It is essential for a social media manager to think positive every day in order to maintain good team dynamics and just stay sane.

10. Not Afraid To Take Risks:

After all these skill assessments, a social media manager's position might seem daunting. But if you are a really good social media manager, this would not scare you at all. It would make you proud to be able to manage platforms at the tip of your fingers and be able to take risks with different digital opportunities. Social media is evolving and risks have to be made so that your clients are able to grow as well. Don't be afraid, be excited!

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