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Spookiest Hallowen dinner at Asia Live Avari Towers Karachi!

Ancient folklore about Halloween swept across North America and to the rest of world from Scottish ancestors. It was told that on October 31, the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead overlapped and the deceased would come back to life and cause havoc such as sickness or damaged crops. In order to appease these wandering spirits, human dressed up as ghouls and creatures as well. This tradition has passed on from culture to culture across the world until it knocked on the doors of our country. Not many are aware of the reason behind the crazy and scary costumes but it’s important to delve into the history in order to appreciate the occasion. And oh, how I enjoyed!

I was invited to a Halloween dinner at Avari Towers in Karachi by my very close friend, Shajia Syed (PR & Communication head of Avari Towers). At first I declined as I thought it would be an evening full of music and dance which after a hard day’s work felt too strenuous for me. However, once I was told there will be food involved, my inner foodie could not resist! Although I was in town for just 2 days and I was preoccupied by work, I eagerly anticipated the evening ahead. I was curious as it was something unusual. And let me just say: the night of Halloween simply swept me away.

On Friday, 30th of October, was exhausting due to a hectic routine from the day before. I woke up late and headed for a dentist appointment, then went back home and got ready for the evening. I kept myself as casual as possible. I wore a shirt from Ideas by Gul Ahmed which was tucked out and Levi’s jeans. Yes, not a very Halloween-centric outfit but I was too impatient to put together a last minute costume. Alas, I arrived at the venue, Asia Live and was warmly greeted by the PR lady herself. She requested me to get seated and told me to be comfortable. As soon as I got seated, I was served with a bloody welcome drink. Literally. The drink was concocted in such a manner that it looked like blood!

Spookiest Dinner I thought I'll ever have! #AvariTowers

And this was just the beginning.

Everything from starters to the main course till desserts was a scary yet extremely mouthwatering food extravaganza! I was joined by my fellow bloggers Umair Mirza, Ahmed and Sundas Rasheed which livened up the entire dinner plan even further. I was so in awe of the food presentation so much that I spent more time looking at the food rather than eating it! Check out the images and you will know what I am talking about!

Overall the experience was worth it.

I never expected such a level of perfection. From the spooky music to the dim lights till the decorations, everything contributed to the Halloween ambiance. Definitely looking forward for similar sorts of events from Avari towers management in near future!

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