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Samsung promotes #BeFearless campaign with 360-degree video!

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – November 11, 2015 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. became the first brand in the Gulf region to upload a spherical video to Facebook today. The video, which promotes the company’s #BeFearless campaign, shares the perspective of someone fearless, excited, and thrilled to be where no one can touch him—thousands of meters above ground.

“We created the #BeFearless campaign to help people overcome their fears and pursue their dreams without hesitation through technology. Like our Gear VR (virtual reality headset), Facebook’s new spherical video feature lets would-be participants jump right into the thick of the moment and learn that fear is just an emotion to be conquered, even when you’re suspended high above the ground,” said Marco Vocale, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Gulf Electronics.

With spherical video, Facebook users are immersed in content through a 360-degree view and can choose which angle they want to view a scene by dragging the shot or turning the device. As the competition moves ahead, Samsung will continue to tell stories with the cutting-edge and immersive medium.

From this height, do you feel excited? Or do you feel the fear? Walk in the sky in the palm of your hands with this immersive 360 experience. #BeFearless. Take part in Samsung VR experience and learn to conquer your fears.
Posted by Samsung Gulf on Friday, October 30, 2015

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