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The Power of Brand Advocacy

There is something unique about a highly satisfied customer. A connection is formed between a brand and its customer which is strengthened with repeated transactions. These transactions are even more satisfactory than the first time. The customer is Happy. The customer wants to share this feeling of happiness and puts it up as a text, image or a status. This feeling connects other in the customer's circle and builds curiosity. This curiosity brings in new customers, hence the brand gets more satisfied consumers. Some divert away unaffected. But some stick around for more happy experiences. 

The ultimate advantage for a brand with highly satisfied clientele: it builds customer advocates. They develop overtime as brand advocates with killer benefits!

Even better: Brand Advocates cannot be faked or bought. 

Accumulating satisfied/loyal customers and building them into brand advocates is a marketing goldmine. Once you have this brand community up and running, a brand has to just sit back and watch its engagement rates peak and its ROI doubling with converted sales. Entrepreneur writes about brand advocates that: 

"Leveraging from an existing consumer base,  advocates provide brands with the opportunity to connect with their current customer and prospective customers in a way that simply is not possible with even the most carefully crafted advertising campaigns."
Keeping this in mind, I accumulated from various articles about the main aspects of brand advocates. What makes them the superheroes of brand marketing strategies:

Advocates Are Passionate About Their Brands

Advocates should not be underestimated. They have a reason for following a brand and will defend it endlessly if they have to. Their passion comes from a connection made on trust and credibility. It's important to them that this trust is maintained and would gladly become trusted agents for the brands. Yes, most brands provide rewards and incentives to keep the passion alive, however a happy customer will always comes back.

Brand Advocates Love to Share Information

Since brand advocates love to share their feelings, they love recommending it to their social circle as well. For example, if a customer was highly satisfied with a spa treatment, he/she will tell friends and family members. Spa details will be shared and it will come with a remark, "tell them I sent you." Brand awareness automatically increases and the brand recommendation remains intact within prospective customers. They will remember when they are looking for spa treatments.

Advocates Influence Opinions and Purchase Decisions of their Friends and Circle

Brands advocates have an influential reach by scale. They are have a massive following which is not just based on close friends and family. They network online for sure but they also move around various PR events, conferences, seminars, launch parties etc. They have a massive reach because they have an innate desire to socialize and spread information about things they know. As a result, advocates influence opinions and purchase decisions of their friends and social circle.

Brand Advocates Are Social Media Lovers

With a massive reach comes an exponential love for social media. Brand advocates are always active on relevant social platforms. It enables to spread their information sharing desire across all platforms that have an audience of their interest. It's the best way to amplify engagement and interaction.

They Customer Care From The Core

In the end, brand advocates have one key quality that is unrivaled.

They care.

For brands, its most recommendable to have their brand advocates initially test a product or service, assimilate all the real-time feedback and then build its marketing and distribution strategy. It's not just about influence or about rewards. Brand advocates are genuinely customer-centric. They are least likely to switch brands which increase a brand's customer lifetime value as well.

That is the power of Brand Advocacy

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