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The Perfect Digital PR Campaign Formula

Digital PR is quite a popular term that is thrown around during pitch presentations and digital strategy planning, but the context behind it is a simple formula:

SEO + Content + Social Media = Digital PR

Learn it. Analyze it. Execute it.
Digital PR by definition is "a tactic by brands to increase their online presence through building relationships with key content writers and online journalists to gain 'press hits' or citations and high quality back-links."
Digital PR campaigns are powerful digital marketing tools for brands but some do not leverage it due to budget cuts, delayed responses or downright under appreciation of the digital platform. In Pakistan, digital PR strategies are considered the step child of the entire marketing plan. There is very little value given to it and it fails to rake in 'hits' because the concept of the campaign passed its relevancy.


For optimized SEO, there are two key elements which need to be considered: good quality back-links and optimized press releases. These elements enable an extensive online placement of your brand. It produces higher traffic to your site and builds high authority. In addition, credible online press releases or publications add to your SEO optimization.

As a result, Google improves your search ranking.


One major benefit of online content generation is the capability to reach a massive target audience in much lesser time and money. Content is the biggest avenue for digital PR to increase ROI if done creatively. This is where content and PR and work closely together to build relevant publications for a brand's market segment and release it at peak engagement time. Three ways to make your content interactive and reachable is via blog post, e-mail newsletters or guest posting by an influencer. 

As a result, your brand's content builds quality back-links which increase search engine ranking and exposure. As other sources link to your content, there will be a larger number of site visits through the page viewers who follow the link. Consequently, this increases the number of conversions.  

Social Media

The best way to use social media for your digital PR efforts is through cross-channel promotion and real-time customer service. Cross-channel promotion enables an increase in impressions, online traffic and engagement. Real-time customer service is crucial for a brand's online identity. Not just some meaningless "How can I help" and the disappearing for days on end type service, but personal effort to help the customer during their hour of need. This is called giving your brand a human touch which makes a user responds automatically. 

The best part about digital PR is the speed and management. One piece of content can win your entire brand a whole community of loyal customers. It just takes team effort and perseverance. 

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