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Where Mobile Innovation Means Choice: Samsung Galaxy Note5


Innovation is all about choice. When companies race to put out new cloud technologies, faster gaming consoles, and even apps that hail cars or deliver food, they are engineering options for how people live, work and communicate. But consumers who trade up to a new mobile may actually end up with less choice—not more.


In the world of smartphones, users can end up shuffled into a box where apps, layouts and even wallpapers are one-size-fits-all. True innovation lets users personalize their devices in new and specific ways, thanks to functions like widgets, moving skins, and variations in everything from vibrations to the home screen grid. Open systems—platforms like Android and Tizen—make this possible. The Galaxy Note5, for instance, powered by Android and built by Samsung, is a fit for consumers who want to trade up without feeling like they’ve lost.


Built on the Legacy You Know

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 combines the core features of the Samsung Galaxy line with the 3rdparty apps of Android. In a first for Samsung, content creators can easily produce a video with the Galaxy Note5’s quick-launch camera and stream it straight to YouTube, one of the largest social media communities in the region. If YouTube’s not the app of choice, users can also stream their HDR videos to other multimedia apps, taking every new shot from the frame to the feed.


Integrating Old and New

The Galaxy Note5 delivers the power and the apps users want without the sacrifices. With just a standard USB, the Samsung Galaxy Note5 delivers a full charge in just 90 minutes, and loads up in 120 minutes with Samsung’s wireless charging pad, a light and lightning fast device unveiled with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Transferring is also made easy with software like Android Transfer and SideSync, apps that get you off the old phone and onto the new one in minutes flat.


Supporting a World of Possibility

While the Samsung Galaxy Note5 is powered by Android, it supports applications from both Samsung and Google. With both the Galaxy Store and the Play Store on hand, users have one of the broadest ranges of apps to further their experiences.


Armed with the Samsung Galaxy Note5, consumers can tailor their mobile lives to their needs

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