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Every Entrepreneur Needs These 5 Tech Skills

As much as entrepreneurship has become the way of life, your venture is bound to fail if you don't have the necessary tech skills. Technology and entrepreneurs should go hand in hand to enable the business without unduly hiccups. Hence there is no turning away from learning a essential tech aptitude. Here's how:

The assumption that coding is meant for computer engineers or I.T. and web developers is the thing of the past. Coding is one of the biggest learning curves for an entrepreneur since budget is tight and coders have super high billing rates. The easiest path is learning how to code yourself. There are multiple sites which offer free online courses or subscriptions to help learn at least basic coding capabilities.

Suppose you are able to hire a developer, don't disturb their coding groove with little bugs and issues. It can be resolved if an entrepreneur knows how to code, So simple.

It's not exactly a technical skill but it's a simpler form of communication for an entrepreneur to communicate to the technical team. They would speak the same language for a smoother transition of a webpage or app to take place. Not only that, it broadens your mind. There are some ideas sound amazing in your mind or as a write-up or a proposal. It's better to wire-frame the idea and figure out the kinks and obstacles before it going into development.

The Cloud
Imagine the amount of data produced every second by the internet. Millions of brands, companies, personal profiles etc. are driving out information and there is no room to put it. Except on The Cloud such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc. An efficient knowledge about the cloud helps smoother correspondence and transfer of data amongst colleagues, improve security, discover new business models and ensure a competitive edge.

Big Data
There is an abundance of Big Data in every digital process. Now clients ask for big data in their analytical reports. As technology advances, big data will become even more mainstream and it will be embedded in every aspect of digital marketing and social media exchanges.

Entrepreneurs would need the skill to analyze big data and incorporate it in their business plans and marketing strategies for effective targeting.  

Online Accounting & Book-Keeping
One thing every entrepreneur needs is an efficient finance system such as billing, payroll and managing receipts. An online one is even better as the venture budget is just a click away.

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