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The Time-Tested Online Marketing Techniques

After 26 years of the internet, there is much to learn and relearn about the medium as its constantly fluctuating. That's the beauty of internet- there is unlimited access to information. However the relevancy of information and channeling it in the right direction involves critical thinking and creativity. Brands shouldn't just think about becoming the source for relevant information but also the voice of reason.

The question is, how to do that?

Over time, there are some fundamentals about the internet which can be taken into consideration for brands to utilize in their marketing strategies

Content Marketing:

Content is most definitely king. It will remain the fuel to drive SEO and accelerate brand reach and visibility to its market segment. 

However it is important to understand what type of content will deliver ROI. Once text was enough, then came visual. But now, its motion graphics - essentially videos.  


Sone consider Search Engine Optimization as a traditional form of amplifying content. Wrong assumption - it leads as the most efficient way to expose your brands to its main target audience. Above all, it's cost effective.

The Value Proposition

There is a 99% possibility that a business or brand has a well developed value proposition to attract potential investors and build their company on. Why not use it to attract customers and build a user based community on the digital front? 

An effective technique to utitilize one's value proposition is through guest posting, blogging or inviting influencers to use talk about brand value through unbranded content.

E-mail marketing

Before there was social media boom, e-mail marketing was the surest way to reach potential customers. It still is if used correctly However the risk of getting spammed is higher, e-mail is a trustworthy platform. The customer wants to know more about your brand or business which is why they subscribed to your newsletter in the first place, but they want to be bombarded with messages. This where a creative subject title and the first line of your body comes into play. 
Make your copy worth their short attention span. 

As much as the brains behind the internet has taught it produce endless amount of data that is, two decades worth of it. It's time to look back and learn from the time tested online marketing techniques. Content, SEO, online Brand Value and E-mail Marketing are fubdamentals of the internet that we shouldn't ignore.

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