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Video: King of Content

There's no doubt that visual content is perceived and absorbed ten times faster than textual content. However, static visual content has been replaced with it's more interactive counterpart: motion graphics. Three months into 2016, motion graphics are booming! There multiple types of motion graphics which has taken digital and social media by storm. To list some of the few, there are:
  1. Gifs
  2. Cinemagraphs
  3. Stop Motion Graphics
  4. Animation
  5. And the most popular, Video
Video has infiltrated all aspects of the internet. There is no information which hasn't been explained via video. For example, if I'm browsing for an app to download, I will click the video option to find out the app's features instead of reading it. Written features may get my brain to visualize it, but video will put it into hyperdrive. I'm able to see what a particular app is able to do and I would be able to make a faster decision to download the app or not. In other words, video helps make a user's decision faster. The content and context of the video will most likely increase ROI ten-fold.

From Facebook's autoplay video on our newsfeeds to Instagram's 15 second limit on videos has given bloggers, vloggers, brands and marketers an angle to grab user's attention. Video has existed for quite some time - we watch films, documentaries and commercials all the time. But it has become a tool for all to explore. If you're going for a vacation, live broadcast it on Periscope. If you've got a hobby, share it with everyone with a YouTube video. Had a bad break up? Make a vine about it and post it on Facebook.

And the best part is... video will get bigger.

Here's how:

Video will get bigger 

Got a brilliant idea? You want to execute it as a video format? Great! But make it quick and short. Forbes predicted that video becoming shorter will "force users to offer the most concise, important information to their peers and followers." This is plausible especially since most of our social media browsing is done on mobile. Mobile-browsing social media users scroll through content much faster, this enables a shorter time frame for brands to get their attention via video. 

Video will become personal

When we read a book or watch a movie, there is a connection to the content. Digital videos is growing into a personal experience as well. The content is getting more intimate with our inner beliefs and behaviours. This because users demand "individual attention" according to Forbes. They don't want to be clustered into a group as like-minded people. Everyone wants to feel unique and video is the perfect portal of unique users to feel engaged and interact one-on-one.

Video will merge with VR and become more than just a content medium

Virtual Reality is coming. It's coming via video and it will grow into something BIG. We have already seen the burst live streaming, live chats and live feeds on social media. There is a high probability that all these live moments on video will transition into virtual streaming. According to Forbes, this could allow users "virtually attend major conferences and meetings or monitor user streamed experiences to learn more about consumer behaviours"

The possibilities of videos are endless.

Right now, it's a digital marketing goldmine.

Utilize it before your competitors do. 

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