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60 Second Videos on Instagram - Is That The Right Way To Go?

On March 29th, Instagram blogged about a longer time frame for their videos:

"Longer video on Instagram begins rolling out today [March 29] and will be available for everyone in the coming months. Multi-clip video is available this week as part of Instagram for iOS version 7.19 in Apple’s App Store." - From Instagram's Blog

Previously I had written about videos getting bigger with shorter productions. The time frame in which one could grab user's attention is definitely getting smaller. Facebook's mute auto-play for videos has made information completely visual and soundproof. Similar to Instagram's auto-play for its videos. Things sped up, information and marketing grew even more visual and graphic. So why elongate the time frame 60 seconds?

Instagram was one major contender for visual glory to be seen in a limited frame. It was a challenge for users to be as creative as possible within 15 seconds. Creative juices flowed from brands which was quite impressive. For example:

On the local front, Sana Safinaz did a fabulous job on their 200K Thank You message for their followers, see it here -

On the international front, Gap supported their spring collection through 12 mini video series called 'spring is weird' which follows the romance of soap opera superstar Paul Dano and Jenny Slate, "unfolding in 12 videos each of 15 seconds, one per week. Each video [was an] indirect promotion to their new clothing line, focusing on the story rather than on the new product in a creative and unique way."

But then Instagram did have their research that "in the last six months, the time people spent watching video increased by more than 40%. And longer videos mean more diverse stories..."

I wouldn't agree on the story being reliant on the time frame. Space and time is relative when it comes to cognitive connection to the message derived from the video.

I had certainly gotten used to the 15 seconds on Instagram, it was a unique move. Anything longer will probably bore me now. The brand message needs to be super amazing for me to keep watching their video for 60 seconds.

Oh well, only time can tell. Let's see how this pans out for Instagram. 

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