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Hum Awards 2016 Turns into a Fashion Disaster!

It's been a while since our Fashion Industry is booming which means more designers more choices more options both good and bad.
FPW16 proved how worst a design can be but that's okay a creative  design is not supposed to be liked by all but seriously.....

I was scrolling Over my Facebook feed and some images disturb me to a extent that I decided to create a blog post.

As my fellow blogger Sadiya highlights the three gentle man who would have probably looked better if a little effort was put on wardrobe.

Below are few images which appears to be a fashion disaster,Ill be adding more once I get to see more of the fashionable outfits worn by fashionable people.

Sanam always used to have a great fashion sense but this proves to be a disaster. Maybe its not going in contrast or what but she was not able to carry it well.

Hamza Bahi abhi abhi Nikkah kar k aye hain. 
Peshawari Chapal,Black Kameez Shalwar and a Black vascot the simplest but the worst outfit to wear at an award show.

Mahira Khan the cutest lady alive tried her best to look as good as she could but this dress just dont go with flow or maybe it does but something still missed out.Or lets say she wore it backside front? God knows how is the designer behind it.

When the celebs couldn't dress well how can we forget our very own bloggers.After all bloggers are not be be left out in any case.

AB Lakhani and Fahad Lakhani Wearing floral Jackets.I know floral jackets and shirts are in fashion for a decade and me myself wear them but its not something which looks good on everyone.

Few tips to look like a decent Insan when getting dressed for a Fashion week or a award show.

  • -Wear what looks good on you.
  • -Color contrast
  • -Not to funky as you are not dressing up for a circus.
  • -Your shoes go well with your belt color.If shoes are black belt must also be black vise versa.
  • -Don't wear Valima ka suit.
  • -Shirwani bohat he ajeeb lagti hai.Looks as if one has come direct from Nikkah.
  • -Don't stuff your hair with gel.Just apply a little of it.

PS : I am not pointing out finger to the people in images nor the Hum Awards management I am just highlighting the Fashion disaster created at Hum Awards giving all the credits to the designers who have crated the master piece.

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  1. lol I think you missed the picture of Gohar Rasheed. I opened your blog just to see his disaster.

  2. you missed the picture of mawra hoccane

  3. Nice writeup. Check out this one written on the same topic.