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Do yourself a favor - Travel !

Travelling has become a groovy trend nowadays, especially in summers, when the scorching heat and prolonged days seem to put everyone in a bad mood, we wish from the depth of our heart that an opportunity to start a new adventure just pops up and takes us away from our daily routine. You must have heard the saying, “The world is like a book; those who do not travel read only a page”. This is actually true, considering the incredible adventures you would be missing out on if you prefer to stay at your home.

The reason behind the craze for traveling is the numerous adventures linked to it. When you would get old, you would be able to revive all the memories you created while traveling to places.

Then, it is also beneficial for you when you will get the opportunity to meet different people from different places. In life, one of the most important social skills you learn is how to interact with people who are quite distinct from you, both in cultures and nationality. Traveling can help build social skills with very little effort. That would, in turn, boost your confidence level and turn you into a social butterfly in no time!
Experiencing different cultures can also be enlightening as well as educational. Learning about cultures, whether modern or traditional, deepens the understanding in one’s self. It teaches one to respect their lifestyles and creates a sense of appreciation.

However, the most significant aspect of being a globe trotter is that it reduces stress and tension from your mind. Too much stress can be very dangerous for your health. Many of the problems in life keep mounting onto your shoulders till you are not able to breathe. Therefore, traveling acts like a stress pill and takes your mind away from all the worldly problems.

Many people also give preference to traveling alone & I am one of them. Their opinions are definitely justified. We are always surrounded by people. We work with them and socialize with them. Thus, it is important to take a break from them at least once a year to get to know yourself.

So, get up! 
Leave your comfort zone and go into the wild, get to know other people, eat new food and see the sunrise from different angles.
Surely, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” - Neale Donald Walsch

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