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5 Countries to visit in 2017

Who doesn't love a good holiday, whether it be to a beach, mountains or a trip to foreign country. However, the glamour of exploring new cultures and traditions is indescribable and like no other. The never-ending process of having to search up for new places to travel to can lead to confusion and, at times, exhaustion. 

What I help you in this matter a little by giving you a  handout of a ready-made list of the top 5 countries to visit & explore in the coming year, with honest opinions? That would surely be helpful!

1.      Nepal:
 After a series of devastating earthquakes and aftershocks, Nepal’s tourist industry has started soaring high in the sky again. The country’s beautiful historic landmarks are slowly being restored after natural hazards. Trekking routes are reopening and the irrepressible Nepali people are finding their ground. Thoughtfully spent tourist dollars will go a long way here. With varied landscapes – from the Himalayas to jungles inhabited by tigers, elephants and rhinos – Nepal should be your first choice for travel in 2017.


2.      Colombia
 More and more travelers are realizing that the country’s past reputation for crime and drugs is far from reality – and the endlessly hospitable locals will make sure you feel this way too. Go now and you’ll quickly discover what the fuss is about; explore the country’s lush coffee growing region, trek to the jungle ruins of the Lost City, or find bone-white beaches bordered by the Caribbean Sea. Now after a very hit TV series Narcos people are very interested in the life of Pablo Escobar and you can even get an Escobar Tour. On this tour you visit the most important places of Pablo Escobar actions in Medellin.

3.      Jordan
The red pillars of Petra, is the image that comes to mind for most of us. But the country’s wonders also include beaches and coral reefs on the Red Sea, mountains, rich hills and the lowest place on Earth: the Dead Sea. A recent relaxation in visa rules as well as the launch of the Jordan Pass have made it much easier to visit. What’s more, you probably won’t have to share most of its unforgettable sights with anyone else. “It is huge, majestic, silent, empty, and aglow with all the prism colours in the morning sun. And it seems to think.” – Talbot Mundy, author of The Lion of Petra

4.      El Salvador:  
 It is Central America’s shining star. For starters, secluded beaches with some of the world’s best surf lie less than an hour from the country’s frenzied capital. Endeavor inland and you’ll find authentic towns of awe-inspiring volcanoes and a picturesque Scene of coffee plantations. Prepare for ample adventure activities and seriously low costs.

5.      Sri Lanka:
 Searching out leopards on safari in Yala National Park, maneuvering along the island’s coast, and exploring the country’s overabundance of inspiring temples and spiritual sites rank high on the to-do list. But that’s not all – Sri Lanka also bears colonial towns, lively bazaars and a delicious, coconut-heavy cuisine. 

I am hoping to see feedbacks and comments about your previous experiences and advices regarding it. I hope you all found this article very helpful. Ciao!

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