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Five Things to do in DUBAI

 Five Things to do in DUBAI
From shopping to skiing, skyscrapers to gorgeous grand hotels, desi food spots to sophisticated dining experience, Dubai is the King of activities.
Let us guide you through this magnificent city of big attractions.

Needless to say that the World's tallest building should top your to-visit-list when in Dubai. Dubai is all superlative. This breath-taking building has the fastest lift that takes you up to amaze your sight with the heart-throbbing views. Just in mere seconds, if you are acrophobic, think twice, but we assure that the view is worth it all. The tickets for this beautiful piece of architecture is available online for around 125 dirhams, get a metro and have a splendid time. We guarantee a permanent memory scar on your brain.

Lets go back to the times when Dubai was not only about glitzy malls and huge buildings, when there was sand! Lots and lots of sand. This attraction spot will enrich your taste of the Bedouin existence. From a good rough sporty ride to some yummy belly dancing moves and mouth-watering food, "hubbly bubbly" (shisha tobacco) and bumpy fun-filled camel ride, you will find it all here. Many companies offer the online tickets but to find the best match, do your research. Pick and drop is provided, so make sure you ask the particulars beforehand. Enjoy the sunset, or have a peaceful stargazing moment with your partner.

Would you like a little Canada-cold moment from the scorching desert heat? Of course you would. This unbelievably spacious and intricately modelled mall offers a break from the heat. If you want to go shopping from all the big names, this is the place, if you want Burger King, Baskin Robbins and Aunt Annes all under one roof, this is the place, and if you want to go skiing, below freezing point, you are right, THIS IS THE PLACE. You can get the tickets from the mall, the equip you and you are off for some icy-cold fun.

Lets all hear it for the mammals! Arent you already amazed at the diverse activities this tourist magnet of a city offers? Dolphin bay is the most sophisticated habitat for dolphins. You can pick your favourite activity with the dolphins, choose to scuba dive with the friendly creatures or stand in shallow waters with them. The choice is yours, the money too (lol) but the experience, oh the experience!

The water park that offers around 30 different water rides, spooky to cute for all age groups is set at the foot of Burj Al Arab. If you are a thrill-seeker, there are two 100-foot-tall tandem water slides to slide down and get your heart beating in your throat; if you seek some relaxation time then you can lay on the lazy river. This place will make your kids love you even more.
Dubai is unstoppable!

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