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Packing Hacks for Men

For too-busy-to-pack-their-arsenals-neatly men, stuffing all their clothes inside a small, portable back-pack, hoisting it on their shoulders and setting off to a business or leisure trip can be quite easy. However, having to go through this process in reverse, i.e. unpacking the garments upon reaching the destination can be quite a frustrating and painful job. Having to take out all the clumsily folded clothes just to pull out one white T-shirt… too much for our no-nonsense and impatient men.

    Not to worry anymore, you couch potatoes! We have some life-saving and amazing hacks just for you which will result in less trouble while packing as well as unpacking!

    First of all, listen when your ladies tell you that crunching the clothes into a ball will just take up unnecessary space. We know folding clothes is a job not too easy for men, so instead of following your usual “crunching” style, spread your jeans or pants and place your shirt on it.  Roll them into bundles and tie a string around it to ensure a tight wrap. This way, it will occupy lesser space and when rolled open again, there will be no sign of a crease whatsoever! Secondly, using resealable plastic bags for laundry or inner-garments will spare you from the hassle of turning your bag upside down for a singleitem.

Need to attend a business conference but scared of getting wrinkles on your blazer or coat? Fold them inside-out and your work will be done. Crisp, upright collars are as important as your whole outfit for nice first impressions. Roll a belt and place it inside it to avoid saggy collars. Protect your hands from cuts while going through your bag by securing a butterfly pin on the blades of the razors.

Have a spill-proof journey by uncapping all of your liquid products, placing a piece of plastic wrap on top of the bottles, and then screwing the caps back on. Savethe plastic bags from the grocery store and make use of it by putting your shoes in one of them before placing your footwear in the suitcase. In this way, the clothes would be safe from the dirty wrath of the shoes.

    These were some of the best and approved ways to ensure a hassle-free and relaxing journey for the men out there. Follow all these hacks and travelling will become a lot more fun and enjoyable!

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