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Al-Qudra Lake Camping

Al-Qudra Lake Camping 

 People say that staying in a five-star hotel is a heavenly reverie for them. However, I believe that even a five-thousand-star hotel cannot beat the peaceful sleep and beauty of camping out in the wild.
    My recent visit to “Al-Qudra Lake”, Dubai, was an amazing and unforgettable experience, worth to be treasured. Al Qurda Lake is located in the middle of the seih Al Salam Desert & Bab Al Shams, is actually a man made lake. 

Two of my very good friends and I grabbed the first available opportunity to spend a night in a tent, surrounded by nothing but nature and wilderness. We three buddies-in-travelling set off for our destination in SUV . The reason why we went in an SUV is that the camping site is cross-country and you have to go off road in order to reach the lake therefore the journey was pretty bumpy and rugged. On the contrary, the minor troubles faced in the beginning was totally worth it!

 In the midst of the dessert, you would find vast species of birds like swans, flamingos, ducks etc. 
    We reached the lake and were flabbergasted by its splendor and tranquility. The soft, high-pitched sounds of the birds chirping and the light, cool breeze made me feel as if I finally found a place where I belonged.

    After having a look around the place, we set up our tents, arranged firewood to keep us warm and took out all our camping necessities. As the evening neared, we lit up the firewood and sat around it in a circle, whilst admiring the mesmerizing sunset before our eyes. 

    Sometime later, we took out the life of camping nights, MARSHMALLOWS, from our rug sacks and roasted them lightly over the flame. The hours flew by while we laughed over our stories and talked animatedly in front of the bonfire and before we knew it, it was late. Packing up all our things back again, we went to sleep in our respective tents.

    We woke up at dawn to the sounds of Mother Nature. In a hurry to be able to witness a real sunrise, we came out wrapped in our blankets and sat peacefully on the bank and observed our surroundings. In front of us, flamingos bathed in the lake and the sight could never have been more beautiful!
    With our minds in peace and hearts full of contentment, we set off for home in the SUV and promised to go more frequently to such trips.

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