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Man's Guide to Travel in Style

Travel often then travel in style, here I have jot down somethings to improve your travelling experience, trust me I have learnt the hard way. You can Thank me later! 

Packing Checklist:
I don't need to emphasis on the importance of this one , you NEED to have a packing checklist. Take out some time a make one, it sure helps a lot for more details read here .  

Dress Comfortably: 
Gone are the days when you needed to wear suit, ties and jackets on the plane to look fashionable. The norms have changed today and more and more men are choosing comfortable clothes. Comfort is extremely important when you're set on a long flight. There are no hard and fast rules but keep in mind the outfit you're going to wear on a plane is also going to be the outfit you'll wear at your desired destination. 

Pack Smartly:
Keep an Emergency Kit in your bags medicines, pills that you use often. 
Pack your sunglasses, charger, hands-free, comb and a book, book is really important.

Take Care of your Bank and Documents:
This one is another essential tip make digital copies of all your travel and important documents so you may not face any kind of difficulty. Call up your bank and alert them about your travel dates so that you may not get denial of service during your trips. 

Use Top Quality Luggage 
I remember when my suitcase broke down on an airport, not only it was very inconvenient for me but it was very embarrassing too. Since that day I always advice travelers to carry good quality durable & accessible luggage. 

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