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Ras Al-Khaimah Camping Trip

Ras Al-Khaimah Camping Trip 

Whenever the word “camping” is uttered, I am pretty sure everyone imagines a huge site, with freshly mowed and dewed grass and a lake with ducks near-by. Nobody would think of a deserted dessert, with no grass or lake, bordered by smooth sand dunes. 
 Well, after reading about my experience at Ras Al-Khaimah camping spot, Bedouin Oasis, all of you would literally crave to visit the place, with cold sand under your feet and cold breeze touching your face it sure is a nature's blessing. 

Ras Al-Khaimah Camping Trip 

    Like any other person in the world, I went camping with two of my friends to this heaven-on-Earth. Instead of being welcomed by hot, dry and sandy air, cool breeze and the smell of fresh soil assailed us. The view was such that a vast, open field, decorated by small hills and shapely dunes, marked with a couple of green stubby trees was enough to make a city-person desire for the desert life. The scene almost looked like a painting. Numerous tents and huts could be seen from far away with their bright lights illuminating the whole desert and giving it a thrilling and mysterious presence. 

    All three of us got out of the car and stepped onto the equally soft sand. We walked further towards the lantern-lit areas and were met by a lovely sight of tents with different families enjoying and exploring the desert. The tents brought back memories of the days when tent roofs were made from goat hair, and only a fire or a lantern provided heat and light. The dessert held its tranquility and beauty in its simplicity and barren hills.
    This Arabian sanctuary is settled between two of the most beautiful dunes in Ras Al-Khaimah, in an isolated area of the desert landscape.

    After thoroughly exploring every nick and corner, we went tents and nestled comfortably amongst the traditionally-patterned round cushions and laid there for a long time, under the canopy of bright, shining stars.

    We woke up early in the morning and, once again, got the honor of experiencing a mesmerizing sun rise, with the sun’s orange light gradually lighting up the whole desert and making it look lively. The initial warmth of the wind could be felt as we made our way towards drink and snacks stalls. After having a fun-filled day with riding camels and sand-boarding, we packed up our belongings and went away to the city-life resentfully, after getting to encounter the real taste of nomadic lives.

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