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First Visit of 2017 - Thailand

Every person has his or her own favorite place where he just cannot stop himself from visiting again and again. Well, like any other travel-addict, I too have a special place. It is closer to my heart than any other thing…. Thailand! 
    It is a place so beautiful and sensational that I packed my bags and booked the tickets immediately after reading about its beaches! You could say that there are several reasons as to why I chose this place out of all the countries in the world.
    If you are a foodie and an adventurous person when it comes to trying new and delectable foods, go to T.H.A.I.L.A.N.D! Thai food is way better than anywhere else in the world. There’s more variety and the flavors just burst in your mouth the minute you take a bite. All over the streets of Thailand, outdoor stalls sell the best Thai meals you can find. 

   Thais are some of the kindest people I have ever met. They’re always smiling, extremely polite, and eager to be helpful in any way. They’ll help you out if you’re in trouble or lost and confused with directions.

    Thailand is a country where you can be as local or foreign as you like. Because of all the tourists who live here, the country is very diverse and intercontinental. You can see all kinds of people and tradition mingling together at a moment which is what makes Thailand so special and dear to me!
However, in my opinion, the best part of Thailand are the long, endless beaches and warm weather all year round. If you were to visit its beaches, you would be completely contented at just sitting on the light-brown sand or swimming in the crystal clear water. It is like a heaven on Earth to me. Many of the best beaches had been destructed through hysterical development, consequently, you can still find some pristine, tranquil and breath-taking islands and beaches around the country. 

    The beaches are mostly bordered by huge looming palm trees and a bright golden sun to help keep the water at perfect temperature. In addition, having cold ice creams and pineapple under the hot sun with a sea swaying serenely in front of you is all what you need for your next dream vacation!

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