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New Year’s Eve is that time of the year, when people go ballistic with fireworks and celebrations, including SHOPPING from the ladies’ side. There is a distinct hint of thrill, excitement and anticipation in the air for what the New Year has in hold for all of us.


    To celebrate this enthralling time of the year, different countries celebrate it in their own unique and beautiful way. However, one thing is common in the celebrations around the whole world, i.e. fireworks! And if you aim to see fireworks like none other, GO. TO. DUBAI!


Shopping takes on a whole new level during New Year’s Eve in Dubai because of the famous Dubai Shopping Festival. Not only are traditional stalls and stores bursting with energy and enthusiastic customers-plus mega sales-but you will also witness glamorous fashion shows inside your favorite stores. 
    The main charm of that moment in Dubai are the midnight fireworks, each better than the other. Though the most spectacular ones are the fireworks of Burj Khalifa where the fireworks illuminate the whole tower, which is said to be the tallest in the world, so you can imagine the incredible scenery in front of you! This humungous tower is brightly lit by colourful and easy-on-the-eyes fireworks, making a bellowing racket which echoes throughout the area and makes it look all the more fierce and majestic. The fireworks explode in a planned pattern and give the image of something enchanting, even though they are just ordinary fireworks. 

    The crowd and havoc is such that the management has to block the entrance to the designated place two hours prior to midnight as there is not a place for even an ant to move amongst the boisterous throngs of excited tourists and locals. People drive down to the area early in the afternoon to get a good spot for watching the fireworks. 
    At this time, tourists and foreigners engulf the whole city and thousands of food stalls selling hot and scrumptious traditional treats welcome the people warmly. The whole day, people move from one shop to another, one place to another, absorbing the original tradition of Emiraties.

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