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Two Crazy Friends and Thailand

"If travelling was free, you'd never see me again!" 
So many times, so many people, just this one wish. 
They say you are genuinely rich if you have a box full of memories from your travel experience. 
The peace of mind brought by going around the world is incomparable, the sight of sunset in different zones, different shades of clouds, the same warmth of sun but somewhere you have never been before. So much WOW! 

If chocolates & flowers make a girl feel freshly in love, then travelling does so for a guy like me. All alone, or maybe with a friend as exciting and spontaneous as oneself! 

When asked, "Why travel all the time? Why cover many places in lesser time? Why with a friend, not family?", I just shut my eyes and reminisce! Oh the pleasure of observing different faces, the sound of languages that you barely understand, the freshness of parks, the calm sea, the busy streets and THE NIGHTLIFE! 

Everyone has a particular liking for a particular thing, then why question why travel? If you wanna sit behind the desk, by all means sir! I would rather pack my bag, get my passport stamped and fly! 
Its an addiction, tell me how weak it has made you if you are infected just like me. 

A friend and I decided to enrich our travel diaries, see what it takes to be spontaneous, experience the sports that freak us out, challenge our taste buds, push our limits when it comes to sleep, try and add a few new words to the "international language dictionary", manage time and money of course, have all the fun we can, come back and update you all! 

"Travelling is like flirting with life. Its like saying, "I would stay and love you but I have to go. This is my station" 
9 days, 8 flights, 7 cities, 11 islands; 
By road, by air, by sea! This sums up the addiction dose for this trip!

Dedicated to how Thailand treated us! I know I picked the right spot, I know that's what you are thinking too.       


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