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A Second Airbus A319 Arrives to Amplify Shaheen Air’s Fleet

The new aircraft reasserts Shaheen Air’s values of providing the highest standards of service, punctuality and

reliability in the aviation market

Karachi – February 22, 2017: Keeping up with its vision of adding innovation to Pakistan’s aviation sector,

Shaheen Air International (SAI) has inducted a second Airbus A319 into its fleet. The new aircraft comes wrapped

in a new livery that builds on the revamped brand identity and philosophy of Shaheen.

The Airbus A319 has been custom-fitted with thin and linear seats to provide added comfort to passengers. Due

to this, it can accommodate around 150 passengers in its all-economy segment. It has a brand new interior,

thereby giving a refreshing experience to people choosing to travel by Shaheen Air.

Upon the induction of the new aircraft, Zohaib Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, Shaheen Air International

remarked: “Today, we welcome another prolific carrier to our fleet. Its initiation is a hallmark of Shaheen Air’s

commitment to the country’s aviation sector – that is progressing by leaps and bounds. With a futuristic vision,

we are poised to serve our passengers with added zeal, so that they can savor the most remarkable experience

on the highest echelons of the sky.”

Last month, the company had rebranded itself by launching a new logo that aptly complimented its vision and

innovation in setting new standards in the field of aviation. The airliner began its journey as Pakistan’s first

private airline 24 years ago and quickly garnered the privilege of being Pakistan’s second national carrier. With

24 planes under its auspices, Shaheen Air is brimming with excitement upon receiving their 25th aircraft.

The airline is also slated to receive five more aircrafts of the similar model.

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