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Thailand Trip Part One

Our trip started when a connecting flight via Bahrain brought us to Bangkok, Thailand’s capital and most vibrant city, at about eight o'clock at night. We took a taxi from the airport and reached Pattaya – a resort city known and loved for one, its beaches, and two, its ultimate night life! 
Initially our plan was to stay in a budget hotel, rove about in its streets, and experience the city to the fullest before leaving for Bangkok the next morning. But by the time our craziness came to a halt, we were so whacked that we overslept! And, of course, then we missed our flight. 

Now with another day on our hands, we decided to take a more fulfilling tour of the place and rented a bike. There are numerous pubs and shopping malls there, and coastal sightseeing areas. Saving the glamour in mind’s eye, we left for the airport next day, early morning, and boarded a flight to Surat Thani. The journey spanned on roughly about nine hours or a little more. Finally, from there we took a bus and reached Koh Samui – the very stunning, second largest island in the country. Between the beaches and thick forests, we spent two good nights and at last took a ferry from their famous ferry port to continue on with our expedition. 
And now we reach Phuket! Our total journey, cruise included, was about nine hours long. Originally, we hadn’t booked any hotel there in advance but then we took a bus and were guided to Hotel PGS. Over there we stayed for two days and then switched to Hotel Days Inn. This one’s very famous as well, but to be honest, our experience was just average. 
So anyway, now that our hotel was set and our fatigue washed, we got ready to put ticks against some exciting items on our bucket list! As soon as it was morning, we left for the much awaited island tour and this is how a grand tour of about five islands became a reality. First of all we reached CC Island, had breakfast, took a speedboat with twenty other people and went about sailing. The islands were all amazing, especially this one called The Monkey Island. We enjoyed snorkeling as well as swimming, both to our heart’s content, and then we had our lunch. Finally, the tour ended, but not before we had had fresh coconut juices at the last resort. 
Tired and spent, but extremely satisfied, we returned to our hotel at night to rest. And also, of course, to make more plans for the upcoming day! And what do we do next? Stay tuned to find out!

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