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Consistency is the Key to Marketing Magic

A brand’s message is only as good as its impact on its consumer. A message that adds fuel to the fire

ignited behind making a purchase decision. To prevent the fire from running out, brands must find ways

to stay true to their message and stay relevant in the consumer’s minds through consistent segment

targeting. However, these days’ brands look for the innovative techniques and trends which usually is a

good idea when designed and planned with accordance to consistent marketing. The idea is to engage

the audience with messages that are relevant to the consumer but takes the context away.

Consistency in communication on any media has made brands into icons such as Nike, Coca Cola,

Chanel, Apple etc. It is an essential factor for marketers to play the innovative field while keeping their

communication roots in consistency. Therefore, there are some factors that can help the consistent

route to be fun and engaging:

1. Be consistent, but not boring

a. One way to stay away from boring messages is through creative conceptualization. Due to the

advancement of visualization after the launch of Photoshop, anyone can create beautiful key

visuals for brands, however, it takes a vision to look beyond the design and develop a

transcending brand identity.

b. Innovative ideas are always welcome but it is crucial to integrate a consistent tagline which

remains embedded in the consumer’s mind till the time they make their buying decision.

2. Be consistent, but not annoying

a. With constant bombardments of messages from competitor brands, it is wise to choose the

medium where one’s target audience is mostly active and willing to engage. A personalized

message goes a long way to keep consumers coming back to your brand without annoying them.

b. Push advertising is gradually becoming a hindrance to making a consumer accept a brand.

Choose a particular time and moment when the consumer is open to receiving the brand’s

communication. This can be done through in-depth analysis and insights.

3. Be consistent, but not basic

a. In the age of digital of media, it is extremely important for brands to be part of the conversation

and not force-feed their communication. A brand’s communication requires consistent

conversations with users which develops into a life-time relationship for both parties; Stay


b. Introduce a human voice into your communication. Not necessarily in the literal sense but your

message requires to be real, a game-changer. This is the time when the consumer holds the

power to invite you into their conversations as a trustee of their problems and concerns.

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