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Snapchat A Story of Splendor !

Recently in the news, Snapchat’s boom resulting in its stock rates rising by a whopping 44%; this has led

to garnering attention all over the world from big investors and even rivals. The Daily Mail reports, the

next big thing in Social Media has raised an eye-opening $ 3.4 Billion IPO marking the biggest launch by

Snap Inc. for any social media platform since 2014.

The horizon for Snapchat looks warm and bright. This company has been able to keep Facebook and

Google on its toes with never-seen- before features. Their user base may be dwindling in comparison to

their rivals such as Faceook, Instagram, Google, WhatsApp and Twitter, but the platforms remains a

highly engaged community among the young crowd.

The day after their debut in the stock market, it is reported that Snapchat’s shares are plummeting. Its

share had gone down to 12.7% at $20.76. Though a pickup in its shares resulted in its valuation at

$22.21. It’s the hottest topic on the stock market that whether Snap Inc. is worth its salt or not.

Besides the numbers, there is a lot that can be learned from the young social media app. Snapchat has

been able to keep the upper hand on their features which is making their rival’s head spin. They were

the first ones to start disappearing snaps, geo-filters, snap masks (remember the mouth-rainbow?),

vertical ads and above all, keeping true to its unique selling point of telling stories.

Not sure whether Snapchat will be around in the next ten years or not, but Facebook is chasing

Snapchat’s coat tails with its own version of storytelling. Instagram is testing out its own geo-stickers in

its Stories feature. It is reported that “The stickers will also act as a location tag, so viewers can tap on

them to be taken to location page for more photos in that area”.

We all know about the latest disappearing ‘Status’ update on WhatsApp? Perhaps Facebook might just

win the race of capturing all things social media. However, it would be best if the giant social media

platform took a step back and focused on the user. They are always looking for a cool , new app to try

and Facebook is not the cool, new app anymore.

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