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Identify and understand your market

The market is the cluster of customers who are intent on buying product or services according to their needs and wants. To put it simply, customers want to buy. They are constantly searching, browsing and deciding on a purchase. This leaves the marketer with the sole purpose to tap into the customer’s intent. 
The most fundamental way to own customer’s intent for a marketer is by research. Examine the market where customers are intent on purchasing your product or service. It does not matter which channel the customer is active on as long as your brand’s values are imparted without any ambiguity. 
This age of customers is savvier than ever. They are connected on multiple platforms which are seamlessly embedded in their daily routine. They expect their brand experience to be as smooth as their connectivity with their friends and family. 
Once a customer has gone through your brand experience, it is essential to analyze the journey and make notes. This will ensure sufficient insight of your customer’s preferences and who they really are. The insights you get first-hand is the most valuable piece of information you can attain for your brand. It helps evaluate your marketing strategy and communication design. Above all, it helps profile your customer on a deeper level. 
This helps target specific groups whose intent is compatible with your product or service through relevant marketing techniques. Customer profiling not only helps the marketer, but it also improves customer experience. Communication is tailored to each individual market segment.
It is essential for the brand to maintain a continuous flow of data on the customer as life cycles change within the blink of an eye. For example, a customer is newly married and looking for a home in a quiet area to raise the family. All needs are based on making a home and child-friendly environment. A year later, the user gets divorced without any children. The need has changed completely. By understanding the constant flux of customer behaviors and profiling can help create smart marketing strategies. 
The command over customer profiling is not solely put on the marketing team’s shoulders. The profile can be more dynamic when it is shared across departments. The findings found by the marketing team and the finance team can be vastly different. But that’s what could breathe life into the customer journey. Even your communication can be better defined to ensure that your business is a customer-centric Organization.

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