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Remembering childhood with Rooh Afza's New TVC

I came back from work all tired, turned on the TV and was switching between channels, when I
stumbled up on this new Rooh Afza TVC. Being someone who easily gets irritated with clich├ęd
ads that are usually run on TV, I rarely pay attention towards them. But this one was different. Being away from the family and living alone abroad this made me emotional,

This one talked about the emotional relationship between a father and his daughter. The
thoughtful concept revolved around the memories that have shaped our childhood. Being an
90’s kid, I know Rooh Afza was a staple item in every household.

My Brother and I would fight over who will get the drink first and consume the drink fastest. I still
remember the day when i was crying hysterically for a carbonated dink but my father calmed
down and offered me a glass of cold Rooh Afza because it was better than all fizzy drinks we
have out there.

During summers, when we used to go to our nani’s, the very first thing she used to hand us was
Rooh Afza that she used to prepare specially with us. She was the one who made this drink for
me with lots of love for my Roza Kushai and kissed my forehead while handing it to be me to
break my first fast.

Of all I must say the actress in the TVC has done a great job,The way she expressed and acted literally bought tears in my eyes, Though I rarely watched Drams but after searching on google I came to know about the actress Noor Khan.

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