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HELLO I'M HUSNAIN MINAWALA|WELCOME TO MY BLOG|Tech is my interest, lifestyle is my dedication and travel is my plan. |I'blog about all three as I look out at the Dubai skyline.

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Living life to the fullest in Dubai

No place for routine and boredom in a bachelor's life. No acceptance for justifications and being answerable. No sorry, im good on my own here! 

Life sounds interesting when you are living on your own in a city like Dubai. Expect each day to be a thrill if you have time to invest in experiences. 

Living life on one's own terms is what every individual craves in today's world, but a very few actually manage to take that step and lead by example.

Its not easy to live away from family, alone, no cooked food to come home to, when you gotta make your own bed, when you have to be your own mom and wife! But why would you complain if the room service does it for you! Aha! 

Thats why I  choose to live in hotels! Yes, no house rented, no apartment! I live in hotels! Shifting on fortnightly basis. Does that sound dreamy? It does because it is. 
Choose a hotel that fits your liking, fits your pocket and pack your bags. Come back to a cleaned, well scented room. Changed towels, changed bed sheet, refilled mini refrigerator and relax. Or work! 

Life isnt easy, if you dream big you gotta work bigger but you make your own choices. Dubai has given me the courage to do new each day. 
Its not like im partying all day, its work and party together. And when a friend visits, Dubai feels newer! 

You get to know the city inside out when you spend years living there. You have your favourite go-to places, your top eat outs. You know where to party, where to shop, where to relax, where to workout! And when you share all this with a person who doesnt know as much you feel like a boss! 

A 43rd floor of a building thats open air can blow anyone's mind. But it tends to lose its affect on you if you visit it too often. The real thrill is in observing the expression and reaction of someone who hasnt been there before. Someone who is going to look at the city's view from the floor then look at you with those thankful eyes! That, my friend, is a boost!

Dubai doesnt judge. It has place for everyone. Its going to take you in, give you the time of your life, it will let you go and it will pull you back.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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